July 29, 2013

Ben & Jerry's, Steel Magnolias & Selfies

The weekend was quite lonely for me. My husband and our friend/housemate left Thursday afternoon and headed to Maryland for their high school reunion. I, unfortunately, had to work. I was super bummed, so J took me out to sushi Wednesday night after I got off work.

Can you tell how much he loves it when I take his picture?

He was gone the WHOLE weekend. I hate when we have to spend time apart. Luckily though, it doesn't happen very often.

Basically, my weekend consisted of:

- A pint of Ben & Jerry's.
- Movies my hubby rented for me from the library so I would have something to do.
- Receiving a package from my mom in which she put a little cute Dumbo sticker that said "I Miss You" in the corner & it made me miss HER that much more. She's too cute.
- Spending almost FOUR hours at Hobby Lobby & Michael's. I haven't been in a craft store in over a year, so I was a bit overwhelmed. I had forgotten how lost I can get in those things. But I am proud to say that I only bought 3 things & the total cost was less than $4. I practice self-control when I can. But I was inspired while being in those stores & now I want to get into a million new hobbies & make a million and one things.
- Baking the guys some way yummy chocolate chip cookies as a "welcome home" thang. I found an awesome recipe that I'll share next week!
- Attempting & failing at way too many selfies.
- ... and the boring stuff like cleaning the house & grocery shopping

How was YOUR weekend? Hope it wasn't as lonely as mine! ;)

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  1. That sucks he was out of town the whole weekend. I know what you mean about it being so lonely without him there. I hate it when my husband isn't around, too. Who am I supposed to hang out with? That's one of the best perks about being married--you always have a buddy to hang out with:) That was so nice he rented you movies to make sure you weren't too bored. I bet you're glad he's home! p.s. my husband hates it when I take his picture, too:) Hope you're having a great day!

    1. I need to make some more friends, stat! Haha... thanks, Kari!


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