July 28, 2013

Sunday Social: Food!

I've been missing out lately on Sunday Social, but I'm back at it again today-- especially because this week's questions are about food! Yummy.

1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Som tom! (Thai green papaya salad). Love that stuff, especially with sticky rice.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure/comfort food?
    Donuts. Mmmmm... donuts.....

3. What’s the weirdest/craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?
    Guinea pig in Ecuador (which was surprisingly delicious, to be honest). Oh, and live octopus in South Korea. That was definitely weird.
Munchin on some guniea pig in Ecuador.

4. What foods do you avoid at all costs?
    Anything that has ampalaya (bittermelon) or grapefruit. I hate bitter stuff- yuck! I have a very low tolerance for that stuff.

5. What meal reminds you of your childhood?
    Canned sardines & rice. I remember my mom cooking that a lot when I was a kid.

6. Share one of your favorite recipes and the story behind it.
    Here's a link to my calamansi brownies: Calamansi Brownies.
    When we were living in the Philippines, I had a lot of extra time on my hands. I ended up starting a little baking business. These calamansi brownies were a top seller of mine. (And if you don't know what a calamansi is, it's basically the Filipinos' version of lemon. It's actually more of a cross between an orange and a lemon. Really good.)

Sunday Social

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  1. Your calamansi brownies sound delicious! They remind me a bit of lemon squares, which are one of my favorites and I'm think I may need to take a chance trying them out.

    And just letting you know I'm stopping by from Sunday Social!

    1. Thanks-- they are kind of like lemon squares, but with a more dense, brownie texture. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Guinea pig and live octopus?! No thank you!! I'm not sure I could handle that.

    1. It's definitely not for the faint of heart.

  3. Stopping by from Sunday Social!! How do you even go about eating a live octopus? I am so impressed!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jessica. You just have to chew really fast & swallow or else the tentacles stick to your lips. Yeah- I'll probably never try it again, lol.

  4. I also can't stand bittermelon! I'm super sensitive to bitter, so grapefruit and even asparagus sometimes are too much for me. I'll stomach both of those, but bittermelon is out!

    1. Yes- bittermelon is the worst! And my whole fam in the Philippines eats it like it's nothing as I sit in the corner hiding from it. Haha...


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