July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Happy Birthday To My BFF!

Today is my beautiful BFF, Erika's, birthday, so this Throwback Thursday is dedicated to her. Perfect. Timing.

Seriously though, this chick is pretty much amazing & she's an awesome, beautiful person-- inside & out. Word is bond.

Happy birthday, Erika! You the bestest & I miss you so, so much (& you know 'dis!). Hope your day is filled with lots of love... and of course food! Rep that FKC! You know I wish I was there to help you celebrate! You're the best chocolate that this vanilla could ask for. Love you, boo! Cheers to our everlasting friendship-- always & forever, no matter where we are in the world.  

Here are some TBT pics in celebration.


  1. that's sweet! does your bff have a blog - - i hope she sees this :)

    1. Thanks! She doesn't-- but I Tweeted it to her & posted it on her Facebook, so she def saw it. =)


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