July 25, 2013

Kid Conversations

For my job, I work with kids all day, from 5 months old to 5 years old.

One of my favorite things about working with kids is hearing them have conversations, either with each other or with me. They really do say the darndest things. The other day, I had this conversation with a 4 year old and I posted it on Facebook:

Then my friend suggested I really should write a book about it-- or at least blog about it. I thought his suggestion was a good one. Throughout the week, I wrote down a few things a few kids had said to me that I thought were pretty cute/clever/etc. I changed their names and their age is in parentheses:

Tyler (5): *Playing with my hair* "It looks beautiful"
Me: *smiling*
Tyler: "Wait, put it like this..."
          *throws my hair to one side*
          "Now it looks beautiful... Wait..."
          *tries to tie a knot in my hair, gives up after 3 seconds*
          "It looks beautiful whatever way."
Me: "Thanks, you're a sweetheart." *hugs*

Jack (5): "I'm so focused on what I do than what I don't do."

Gabby (4): "When my dad gets mad, he's the boss of everyone."

Rob (5): "Are you from China?"
Me: "Nope. Why?"
Rob: "Cuz you look like a China person."
Me: "Oh. Well, nope- not from China."

Lol. Kids are too fun.
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