January 14, 2014

Country Music {via my husband}

J and I moved to Nashville so that he could pursue a career in music. He's been doing pretty well- though he is still in the networking phase of it all. He's met some people and has done some co-writes, open mics/songwriter nights and joined some major songwriter organizations to help get the ball rolling.

J does all kinds of music. But since we're in Nashville, he's been concentrating on Country. I wanted to share some of the country songs he's done since we've been here. There are quite a few. Please feel free to comment with which ones you like:

Check out his website at http://mestizomagic.wordpress.com/  and like his Facebook Page Mestizo Magic.

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  1. Awesome tracks! I lived in Nashville but didn't quite get on the country music bandwagon. Still, these amateur ears are impressed!

  2. I'm always amazed by Jason's versatility in music. I'm not too much a country fan anymore, but I always love to hear his stuff. And I just saw he's working on a video project too, looking forward to it!
    Btw, link it up w/ Tuesday Tunes!

  3. He is awesome! Love them all, especially the first one "Out to the Boondocks". Thanks for sharing!


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