January 01, 2014

December 2013 Recap

First of all- happy first day of 2014! I hope you're starting it off right and if you have the day off like me- enjoy!

Here is what happened at Latitude Adjustment during the last (and my favorite) month of 2013:

+ I updated my "To-Do List: Nashville Restaurants"

+ My Photo Friday this month was of Cuenca, Ecuador

+ I was missing the Philippines, so I wrote about "Living in the Philippines means..."

+ I recapped my Fall Bucketlist

+ I was slacking on my Wedding Wednesday posts, so I finally did one- "Favorite and Least Favorite Part of the Day"

+ High Five for Friday!

+ My favorite song at the moment

+ Another The Boy Behind the Blog funness.

+ I took off to Cali

+ A little rendition of a classic Christmas song by J and I 

+ Happy Holidays from us!

+ I participated in Secret Santa at work

+ I had a lovely winter vacation:
    - Part 1: California!
    - Part 2: My Birthday!
    - Part 3: Christmas

+ And, of course, the obligatory end-of-year review
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