June 15, 2013

Monthly Photo Journal: May 2013

Yes, I am aware that it is mid-June and I am barely posting my monthly photo journal for May! 

It was a crazy busy month with coming back home to California after being gone for 14 months. We were busy spending time with friends and family and going on trips. I felt like every day something was going on. We were only back there for a month before we moved on again! Busy busy busy, indeed.

Now that we've finally had time to settle in our new place, I've had time to put this together.

Row 1: We went on a family dirtbiking trip for Mother's Day weekend. Super fun. // My husband manning the fire during our dirtbike trip. // I was able to go to a few Zumba classes with my BFF. I love Zumba! // Went on a sushi lunch date with my parents. They're too cute.

Row 2: We took my BFF's daughter to the skating rink. Lots of fun! I hadn't been skating in years!! // One of my close friends and I. I was so happy to catch up with friends! // On set for the making of our Justin Bieber cover video. Check it out here. // At a wedding with two of my good (& beautiful!) friends.

Row 3: My husband and I went on a 30-mile, 3-day hike with some family friends. This was taken at the finish-- I was extremely exhausted, sore, sunburned & blistered! But it was a good accomplishment nonetheless! // Eating the best clam chowder EVER. Yes, ever. At Splash Cafe in San Luis Obispo, CA. // We we went camping with a bunch of our friends-- so many people, we called our campsite Tent City. Fun times. // With my fam after church. 

Row 4: For Memorial Day, I baked my red velvet brownies & a blue velvet cake. Both turned out yummy! // My fam bam & I being silly at our going away dinner. // On the road, somewhere in the middle-of-nowhere Arizona. When boredom strikes, I take pictures. lol // A picture of the Grand Canyon. Read about our trip here.

It was a really fun month, but it flew by way too fast. June has been a month full of new adventures. Stay tuned for those. =)
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