June 16, 2013

To My Hero

I am incredibly blessed to have a father & an awesome one at that. And I am happy to admit that I am the biggest daddy's girl.

My father is the most hard-working, smartest, & funniest person I know. He's also pretty darn crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. People always wonder how my mother married a guy like him or how I'm his daughter, but we have our reasons. And what they don't know is- I'm just like him.

My dad is my hero. He's always supportive of me (no matter how many times I change my mind on things, he's always there to back me up 100%) and I know I can count on him no matter where I may be in the world. He knows how to fix or make anything and everything. Making his family (in particular- his wife) happy has always been his number one priority. He treats his wife with the utmost respect and love. I knew growing up that I wanted a husband who would treat me as good as he treats my mom -- and I think I nailed it! =)

Happy Father's Day, Pops!

No matter where I am in this world, I'll always be your little girl. I don't know what I'd do without you. I appreciate everything you've done & continue to do for me. I love you.
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