June 19, 2013

To-do List: Nashville Restaurants

I'm going to be honest- a big reason I was excited to move to the south was because of the FOOD. You know, you hear about how good food is in the south, especially BBQ, & since I'm a self-proclaimed 'foodie' (I don't really like that word, but I had to use it) I was all kinds of happy to come here.

Months (yes, months) before we moved down here, I started to bookmark restaurants on Yelp that I wanted to check out in Nashville. The restaurants mentioned below are ones I've bookmarked and have yet to try. And they're not all just BBQ joints, I bookmarked quite a variety. I don't discriminate, especially with food! =)

I want to give a big thank you to Diane over at Vintage Zest for all her help and recommendations, too! And if you have any recommendations (restaurants, things to do, where to shop, etc.) for Nashville, I will gladly and appreciatively take them!

Demo's Restaurant - American
Sam's Kabab Gyro - Greek/Mediterranean
Mas Tacos - Mexican
The Sweet Stash - Bakery

Gabby's Burgers - American

Monell's - Southern
Pancake Pantry- Breakfast / American
Dozen - Bakery
Dulce Desserts - Bakery

Loveless Cafe - Breakfast / American
Pupuseria Salvadorena- Salvadorean
Back to Cuba - Cuban
Jamaicaway - Jamaican / Carribean

Las Paletas - Gourmet popsicles / ice cream / desserts
Phat Bites - Deli
Cafe Rakka - Mediterranean
Bro's Cajun Cuisine - Cajun / Creole
Bobbie's Dairy Dip - ice cream / frozen yogurt
B & C Melrose BBQ - BBQ / Southern

That's what I have bookmarked so far. It's a lot, I know. Just means I need to get crackin'!

You can add me on Yelp by clicking here, if you'd like.

Like I mentioned before, if you have more suggestions- please share!
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