June 18, 2013

NM, OK, TX & AR - Roadtrip Across America part 2

After our amazing trip to the Grand Canyon, we continued on our roadtrip and headed east. Days 3 & 4 consisted of leaving Arizona, to New Mexico, to Texas & then Arkansas.

Day 3:

Day 3 was probably the most boring day of our trip. We woke up really early, before the sun came up. We wanted to get an early start since we were heading to Texas, our next stop, which was about a 10-hour drive. We were able to see the sun just starting to peek over the Grand Canyon.

As we were entering New Mexico, we started to see the scenery change a bit. We saw some really cool rock formations which made the drive a little more interesting.

We stopped for lunch in some little town called Edgewood just off the I-40E. We ate at a place called Pizza Barn. We didn't know what to expect since the town seemed like just a handful of people lived there, but we were hungry, so we took the chance. And we were pleasantly surprised- the pizza was really good. We got the buffalo chicken pizza. There were big chunks of chicken & celery and loads of buffalo sauce that went well with the white sauce. And the crust was great. And yeah-- we killed the whole pizza.

After lunch, we continued on and made it to Amarillo, Texas for the night. We stayed at the Amarillo KOA (Kampground of America). We weren't a big fan of the campground (you can read my Yelp review here), but we were tired and couldn't be picky. But at least the sunset was nice.

Day 4:

We woke up super early once again & headed to Arkansas. We were glad to leave Amarillo behind.

As we were passing through Oklahoma, right before we hit Oklahoma City, we saw tons of debris strewn across the freeway, demolished buildings on the side of the road, and even smashed up cars. What we were seeing was the result of all the damage from the tornadoes the night before. I had never seen anything like it. I was in shock...  What a tragedy. 

I thought living in California and having to go through earthquakes was bad-- but now I think having to go through a tornado storm would be worse. I can't even imagine . . .

We made it to our campsite in Arkansas in the late afternoon. We stayed at the Fort Smith, Alma KOA-- and what a difference it was compared to the Amarillo KOA! There was a nice lake with tons of ducks and geese, tons of trees for shade at our campsite, a nice little trail to walk around-- just overall a better KOA. We really enjoyed it there, even if it was just for the night.

Before this roadtrip, I had never even heard of KOA. But now that I've stayed at a couple, I'd recommend it, especially if you're just passing through a place. Of course, just do your research beforehand. All, or least most, KOA's have restrooms, free showers and free wifi. And they're affordable. Our tent sites were between $18-$25 a night. Our site in Alma came with water and electrical outlet (we even watched Game of Thrones on our laptop in our tent that night!).

If you missed part 1 of our roadtrip to the Grand Canyon, you can click here.

Next time, we're in the Ozarks!
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