October 10, 2013

Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival

Last Saturday, I ventured out by myself to the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival at the beautiful Centennial Park. I went by myself for a few reasons:
1. J was working
2. I love cultural festivals (well- just different cultures in general, really)
3. It's a short mile and half walk from our house and the weather was perfect
4. It was free
and last, but not least: 5. I haven't made any friends here yet (sad face)

Anyways, either way, I am so glad that I went, despite being a loner. It was a good time. The park was set up in different sections- from a Global Village, to a World Market, to a kids area to food. I kept busy the whole 3 and a half hours I was there!

First order of business for me was to find something to eat (of course!). There was all kinds of different food there- from Peruvian to American BBQ to Serbian! And there were a TON of different options! I had such a hard time deciding that, you know what happened?? I just got a popsicle instead. But it was a delicious pineapple chili pepper popsicle that hit the spot! I then went to the Global Village and walked around the different booths of the countries being represented there. Then I went into the Parthenon, which was free for festival day. I then checked out some live music and performances. It was fun to see all the different cultures there and seeing how diverse Nashville really is-- which makes my heart happy. =)


Huge statue of Athena inside the Parthenon

Spent almost 4 hours there and all I bought was a pineapple chili popscicle and got a free fire chief
hat from the Nashville FD tent for my preschoolers.

The only thing I was disappointed in was that the Philippines wasn't representing! I saw a couple of Philippine flags hanging up, but that's about it. No Filipino food vendors. No Philippines at the Global Village. No Filipino performances. I was kind of bummed because I hoping to meet some fellow Filipinos. Maybe next year? =)

Anyways, if you're ever in Nashville in early October which is when this festival usually happens, it's definitely worth checking out. Such a great time and fun for the whole family! Here is the website for more info-- and for better descriptions of things because I am sucking at my writing game as of late!: Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival.
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  1. That looks like so much fun! Because Angel has a weird work schedule, I often end up going to local events (one time even a valentine's day party!) solo, and I'm always glad I went rather than staying home and doing chores!


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