October 04, 2013

Photo Friday: Ngerbelas Island, Palau

This is Ngerbelas Island in Palau, Micronesia. I took this photo with my little point-and-shoot-- there is no editing done to this picture. The water really does look this amazing.

When I was in Palau, we spent a few days on this small, uninhabited island and it was just an awesome, relaxing, incredible experience.

Read about my Palau trip here: Palau, Micronesia
Watch our videos from Palau here: Palau: Videos

Oh how I miss the tropics.

Happy Friday, my friends! xoxo
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  1. So pretty! Looks like a good place to be right now :D

  2. Wow!! That's seriously gorgeous. I've only been to one place where the water and the view looked anything nearly that beautiful, and that was a tiny island off the coast of Sabah, Malaysia.


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