October 03, 2013

First World Problems: Why trying to be Middle-Class in America is Depressing

My husband has a blog. Yes, it's true. But he rarely ever posts, which is a shame because he is a really great writer.

He did a post a couple of weeks ago. It gives some personal details of our life. Before he posted it, he asked if it was ok with me to share these details. I said it was ok because what he talks about is truth. I agree with what he says and talks about in his post 110%.

If you're interested in reading it and his blog, here it is:

First World Problems: Why trying to be Middle-Class in America is Depressing

After reading, if you have any comments, please share. Whether you agree or disagree, I am always open for discussions.
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  1. I read his post and found it excellent! It's true that life here seems to be significantly more expensive than other countries--I doubt that my family, on their current income that they live on, could even afford to live in the U.S. Except for the fact that my parents already own a home that they bought back in their 20s--because if they had to pay rent here, that would be crazy!

  2. I think your husband is on spot on. One thing that caught my attention though, is that the jobs you both worked abroad might not be accessible to locals, those doors might have been opened because of your English language skills and degree? To what extent would that factor in? Also, what about countries like the UK and the Scandinavian countries, where the cost of living is far more expensive than the US?

  3. Wow! He does write really well! That was a great post--could have been an article in an online journal. It's so disheartening to see the facts laid out in that way. What was once the American dream is now getting strangled out of existence. I do feel like a lot of my hours are spent working and then trying to edge in some enjoyment. Thanks for sharing and hang in there:)

  4. "I know I won't be pushing my son or daughter to go, unless they're dead set on a particular career field that requires a college degree, and even then, only if they've already worked in that field to be sure they like it. Instead, I'll tell them, get a job, any job, as soon as you graduate high school. Live frugally and save everything, and after 10 years or so, you may have enough saved up to start your own life and live comfortably."

    I wish someone had said this to me! I loved college but in the end, I feel like I just went to a really expensive camp. I love my degree but I can't find a job that actually uses it. I did finally find an internship that I thought I would love but it's unpaid and I just can't afford that right now. So for now, I guess I'll just take any job that pays money.

    "What I really want to convey is what I've learned since returning to the US: that $10, 11, 12 an hour, really isn’t as much money as I thought it was."

    Exactly! That in addition to the joke our government has become, I'm done with living in the US. Once my lease is up I want to move abroad. I just feel like there's nothing here for me.


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