December 09, 2013

Living in the Philippines means...

Living in the Philippines means...
+ dealing with brownouts that can last for a few days (cultural note: "brownouts" are blackouts)
+ feeling earthquakes that happen almost weekly and freaking out, while the locals are just chillin', like nothing is happening (one night there was a pretty big one, so J and I ran outside for safety... we looked at our neighbors' house, and they were all just eating dinner in the kitchen, chit-chatting away. We felt pretty silly.)
+ dealing with dreaded typhoons
+ getting looked at all. the. time
+ having to take 2 showers a day
+ sweating when you're just sitting there, even with two fans blowing on you

+ packing on baby powder to help with the sweat
+ taking bucket showers
+ dealing with pesky, gnarly mosquitoes
+ eating rice with every. single. meal.
+ having "Hey Joe!" yelled at you all. the. time.

+ not minding the Geckos in your house because they eat all the bugs
+ having really slow internet-- reaaaallllyyyy ssslllooowwwwww
+ getting out of the shower & your hair stays wet for several hours afterwards
+ you forget what feeling cold is like
+ finding baby geckos on your bra in the closet
+ never wanting to wear jeans
+ swimming in warm water at the beaches
+ eating lots and lots of yummy Filipino food!
+ having easy access to yummy fruits at cheap prices

Philippines was a great place to live. We've been back in the States for about 8 months now, but we can't wait to go back!

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  1. life in the Philippines sounds pretty darn awesome :) I hope to get there one day!

  2. That second photo down, that! Gorgeous.

  3. I miss Philippines. I miss to live close to the ocean.


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