December 28, 2013

Secret Santa week

On the week of Dec. 16th to 20th, we did Secret Santa at work. I've done Secret Santa before, but this was a little different for me. When I've played in the past- you just give your person something on the last day. But at work, it lasted the whole week and we gave each other little gifts throughout the week and the "bigger" gift on the last day.

It was actually really fun because I was always excited to see what I was going to get each day. I also was excited to give my person their gift and see their reaction. My secret santa would have a person deliver my gifts to me. And I would just leave my gifts for my person at her desk because I knew when she was gone and when she'd be back. It was fun and everyone would always speculate who was their secret santa.

Here are the things my Secret Santa gave me:

A Vanilla-scented candle, Snickers, comfy socks and a mug filled with chocolate.

And on Friday, the last day, she gave me a generous gift card to Target which she delivered herself to tell me she was my Secret Santa. It was my co-worker Allison-- and I really had no idea it was her the whole time! I thought it was someone else... She's such a sweetheart and I really enjoyed everything she gave me!

The person I got also had no idea I was her Secret Santa. I think it's funner when you don't know! It was a fun-filled week at work. I definitely like the week-long secret santa better ;)

Anyways, I am currently getting things together from my California trip/my birthday/ Christmas, so stay tuned!
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  1. Oh Secret Santas are so fun!! Every New Year my whole family used to play the White Elephant game - and someone would always bring a really silly gift...good times :)


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