December 04, 2013

To-Do list: Nashville Restaurants {an update}

Back in June, I posted my "To-Do List: Nashville Restaurants" -- places I had bookmarked on Yelp and had to try.

Well, that list was made over 5 months ago. And I just looked it over again and out of the 26 I had listed on my blog post- I have only gone to 3! THREE. Not so great. But there are several reasons why:
1. I made this list before I had even moved to Nashville.
2. Once we got here, I found that there are even better restaurants (& cheaper!), so I just stopped paying attention to my list.
3. I've come to not rely on people's reviews on Yelp. I think my taste in food is very different than that of the demographic that Yelp tries to target. I love "hole-in-the-wall" type of places, many of which are not even on Yelp.

With all that being said, the three places I was able to try that I had listed were:
1. Gabby's Burger: Yeah, the burger was good. So was the milkshake. And the people who work there are super nice. But I wasn't extra impressed with the taste of the burger. I guess In-N-Out has spoiled me.

2.  Pupuseria Salvadorena: Good pupusas! And cheap. But, we found a better and even cheaper place up the road from this place-- I don't even know its name and it's not on Yelp- yet!

and 3. B & C Melrose BBQ: Now this was a winner in my book! This has been my favorite place for BBQ so far! Not only is there BBQ delicious- so are their sides! They have an amazing potato salad (which is probably the best I've ever had- no joke!). Everyday they have a special type of grits. Thursdays are my favorite because it's jalapeƱo & cheese grits- So. Good.

Las Paletas was also on my list. I tried one of their paletas at the Nashville Cultural Festival, but I have yet to go to the actual place.

My pineapple chili paleta from Las Paletas. 

Now, J & I have been to several other restaurants in Nashville that were not on my list. These are the ones that I think are worth checking out if you're ever in Nashville:

+ Korea House (yummy Korean food. This is where we had J's b-day dinner!)

+ Chicago Style Gyros (my fave gyro place. Huge portions and yummy food at a super low price.)

Sip Cafe (my favorite place to get ice cream- Mike's Ice Cream!)

+ Calypso Cafe (where I can get a healthy but hearty meal for a great price!)

+ Pfunky Griddle (my favorite place for breakfast! You cook your own pancakes on your own little griddle-- and it's all-you-can-eat.)

Thai Kitchen (good Thai/Lao food- fresh tasting and they pride themselves in not using MSG!)

+ Dolce Vita Pizza
+ McDougal's Chicken Fingers and Wings
+ Cafe Coco
+ Baja Burrito
King Market
+ Drifter's BBQ
Mitchell Delicatessen
+ Village Pub & Beer Garden

Now, there were a few places that we went to that were very disappointing. I don't want to bash any businesses here, so I won't. But overall, we've been quite happy with the affordable and delicious restaurant options Nashville has to offer.

If you have any recommendations, please share them! I'd love to hear your input.
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