December 28, 2013

Winter Vacay part 1: California!

Like I mentioned last Friday, I was off to California -- aka HOME! And since then, I've pretty much been non-stop busy!

I was only in CA for 4 days, sans husband. I was super bummed he couldn't make it, but also really excited and happy to see all my family and friends! Each day I was there was jam-packed.

I got in Friday night. My parents picked me up. I came home to a stocking on my bed that "Santa" had left me that was filled with goodies (my mom is the cutest thing in the world, bytheway).

Saturday morning, I woke up. I sat down on the couch and looked at our Christmas tree and the karaoke machine sitting in front of it and thought "Yup-- I'm definitely home!"

Then most of the day was spent getting things ready for my birthday party happening the next day. Then the fam and I went to eat dinner at a place called Anacapa Brewing Company. My bestie Erika also joined us.

After dinner, Erika and I headed to a pub to meet up with some of our other friends. It was fun- lots of laughs, dancing and good times.

Sunday, my parents and I headed to the thrift stores- a favorite tradition of ours. And, I don't mean to brag, but my hometown has the best thrift stores! We worked up an appetite while shopping around, so we headed to Gen Korean BBQ for lunch and ate 'til we couldn't move anymore!

Later in the evening, my friends and I went to watch Frozen. Really cute movie. Maayyybbeee a little too much singing for my taste, but that may be because I'm getting too old??

Then, Monday the 23rd. A day I was looking forward to because it was my birthday and a day I wasn't looking forward to because, well- it was my birthday. My 29th birthday, to be exact. Wowzers. But I will say this- it was one of my most favorite birthdays ever! There will be a post with details & pics coming tomorrow- because I think a birthday post deserves to be by itself, am I right?

Tuesday was Christmas Eve. My fam and I had a little relaxing lunch at home. We opened presents and hung out. My other best friend came over so I could see her kids, whom I haven't seen in a long time! Then we headed to another family party for a quick hi and bye because my parents had to take me to the airport!

My trip back home was excellent- I'm always so spoiled when I'm there and it was so good to see my family and friends. It was hard and easy to leave-- hard because all my people are there, but easy because I missed my husband so, so much. I don't know when I'll be back in Cali, but I hope it's soon!
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