December 29, 2013

Winter Vacay part 2: My Birthday!

On the 23rd, I celebrated my 29th (yikes!) birthday! I was lucky enough to be in California, so I was able to spend my birthday surrounded by family and friends (the only piece missing was J!).

My birthday was started off by a trip to the DMV. I know, I know-- not fun. My driver license expired right on my birthday and I had already renewed via internet twice before, so this third time I had to renew in person. But luckily I had made an appointment and I was in and out of there in 10 minutes!

When I got home, I woke my parents up and demanded (nicely) they take me out to breakfast (I'm a brat like that). We headed to Mrs. Olson's- one of my favorite breakfast joints ever! The food is nothing less of amazing and portions are ginormous. Like, no joke. The weather was perfection and Mrs. Olson's is right on the beach, so after breakfast, I had to dig my toes into the sand- something I've been missing for so long!

The majority of the afternoon was spent running around- getting last-minute things for my party and getting my hair did.

Then it was finally time for my party. We had a white elephant gift exchange party at the Thai restaurant my mom manages. It was so much fun! A lot of people showed up, including friends I hadn't seen in YEARS. One of my good friends even drove all the way up from San Diego just for the day and surprised me! It was so sweet of her to do that for little 'ol me. The food was good. The gift exchange was fun (I ended up with a really nice Kelty backpack! Score!). Overall- it was one of my most favorite birthdays yet!

28 was overall a pretty good year for me. I hit some really rough patches though, so I'm hoping 29 will be a little better for me. So here's to my last year in my twenties - hoping it will be my best one yet! Cheers!

Thank you to all who greeted me on my birthday! I appreciate all the love! xoxo
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  1. I'm glad it was such a good bday! Bet you got to celebrate again with J ;) Lucky girl!


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