March 10, 2014

Monthly Photo Journal: February 2014

My February in a few snapshots:

I made these for my kids for Valentine's Day // This is what I got from my kids & their parents for V-day // This was my gift from J. I hadn't had a Ringpop in FOREVER.

J & I ready for a little Saturdate. // I found out you can print Instagram pics via the Walgreens app! I was excited about it. // Pajama Day at work. I wore my Hello Kitty pj's.

Our good friend came to visit us before being deployed to Kuwait. // We ate at Dick's. It was quite an experience. // Our friend brought us burritos from California. I was the happiest girl in the world!

It was a good month and we were so happy to have a visitor! Our Valentine's Day was eh. We're not big V-Day celebrators anyway. 

How was your February?

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  1. Haha. Dick's, I haven't been in one in over ten years all I remember is the food is okay but the crappy service was entertaining.


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