March 03, 2014

My Travel-Themed Wishlist

I am a pretty light packer when I travel. Even when J and I are moving from one country to the next, I usually just have my big backpacker's backpack and then a smaller bag of some sort- usually a smaller backpack. But I think I am a light packer because of J- he "forces" me to be one. I'm actually ok with it because it makes more sense and makes life easier. But this isn't to say I don't "want" to bring or buy so much other stuff to take with me-- because I sure as heck do. Some stuff I want is practical and there's a lot I just want for the fun of it

Here are a few things on my travel-inspired wishlist (because a girl can dream, right?):

1. GoPro Hero3 Black // 2. Hoodiepillow // 3. Sperry Top-Sider H20 Escape Bungee sneakers // 4. Boobypack // 5. Travel toothbrush sanitizer // 6. Travel Stub Diary // 7. Scarf with Hidden Pocket // 8. World Map necklace // 9. Underwear with secret pockets

10. Dual Timezone Watch // 11. World Map Backpack // 12. Rain Cover // 13. Self Seal Dry Bag // 14. Secret Stash Detachable Bra Pocket // 15. Shampoo Sheets // 16. Portable Door Lock // 17. World Map Watch // 18. Hakuna Matata shirt

What's on your travel-themed wishlist?

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1 comment :

  1. This is such an awesome list! The hoodiepillow is a FAVorite...maybe a DIY project?! Also, the portable door lock would be really handy :)


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