March 06, 2014

Recently, I've decided. . .

... I need to read more books.

... that country music really isn't all that bad.

... coffee definitely makes me a funner, more energetic teacher.

... the sundried tomato bagel from Bruegger's is amazing, especially when paired with their garden veggie cream cheese.

... I pin way too many red velvet baked goods on my Pinterest.

... I really dislike Hannah on HBO's "Girls." She drives me nuts, but I can't stop watching that show!

... I'm becoming my mother more and more.

... Nashville really is a pretty cool city.

.... I'm in dire need of a trip to somewhere- anywhere!

... drinking green tea and eating grapefruit has really been helping me lose some weight.

How about you- what have you decided recently?


  1. I'm on a bagel kick lately too - except our local spot doesn't have a sundried tomato variety, but we have been experimenting. Favorites include the everything with their salmon cream cheese spread, or the blueberry toasted with butter and honey. I'm deciding right now I need one of those :)

  2. All this bagel talk and I want one now too! I drank so much coffee today/tonight and am still going strong. Definitely makes us funnier :P

  3. I'm trying to start reading more too but I'm so picky about books! Let me know when you come across something good!

  4. I would like to visit Nashville again someday, I haven't been there since I was a kid, but even then it seemed like it had some cool sights to see!

  5. Hahaha I haaate HANNAH too!! Omg she is wayyy too narcissistic and self-centered. It's become incredibly annoying over three years of watching this show but just like you, I can't stop! Hahahaha!


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