February 06, 2014

Monthly Photo Journal: January 2014

My January in photos:

The snowfall was beautiful one day, so we let the kids run out really quickly. It was exciting for them. // Speaking of my kids, I do love when they draw me cute pictures. Like this one.

I've been journaling more and enjoying it! // I bought a little bit of scrapbook supplies to start one of every year of mine & J's marriage. I've already finished Year 1. Hopefully this month I can finish Year 2!

Some of the good eats from January: BBQ from Edley's // Caribbean food from Calypso // and amazing potato tacos by J!

There's a few of these painted around Nashville. This one's by Mitchell's Deli. // I've been reading this book, getting ideas for our future hostel!

J played a few open mics in January. He's been working hard on his music stuff! // Speaking of open mics, we went to one last night and it was terrible-- we sat through 4 rounds and not one person was good. We were bored, so we played "team draw" on a napkin and this was the result.

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How was your January?
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  1. Hostel?? Where are you thinking of starting one?

    1. Well we started one in the Philippines in 2012. We're thinking of going back to start another one in a few years!


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