February 26, 2014

Street Art: Granada, Spain

When J was in university, he spent a semester in Spain studying at la universidad de Granada. So naturally, I had to go visit him because I had always wanted to go to Spain.

It was such an amazing 3 weeks. I fell so in love with Spain- but more specifically the city of Granada. One thing that really captivated my heart was all the beautiful street art. I've been a fan of street art for quite some time, but Granada took my love to a whole other level. Street art was everywhere I turned, every street I walked up, around every corner I turned. And they weren't just spray-painted letters splattered against walls- most of the pieces were pictures people, things, characters, political messages, stories...  with so much work and detail put into them.

While J would be in class, I would walk around the city just in awe of how beautiful some of these pieces were.

This is just a very small sampling of the photos I took of the beautiful street art. We hope to return to Granada again some day soon. We miss it!

My friend Lisa also has a post on street art in Granada that you can check out here. Granada is actually where we met-- she was also in J's study abroad program!

How about you- do you like street art? Have you ever been to Spain and/or Granada?



  1. It is so great to see another side of Granada! Granada is such a beautiful city. I studied abroad in Madrid, but I wished I spent more time in Granada. Two short visits is not enough!

  2. I love street art! Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to check out the street art in Grenada after spending the entire day at the Alhambra. I'd love to go back and see some more of it. Great photos!

  3. Great shots of street art! I'll have to put hat on my list of places to visit!

    Elizabeth from luyoutravel.blogspot.com


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