February 09, 2014

The Sunday Currently, volume 2

C U R R E N T L Y ...

R E A D I N G  a bunch of books from the "... for Dummies" series and the "The Complete Idiot's Guide to..." series that I checked out from the library (like Blogging for Dummies, Flat Belly Cooking for Dummies, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Natural Remedies). I don't think of myself as a dummy or an idiot, but I do like these series and the simple, easy-to-understand format they present information.

W R I T I N G  my Valentine cards for my kids (since this will be the only time for me to get them done!).

L I S T E N I N G  to my Pandora on shuffle (which includes my Mos Def, J. Cole, Beyonce, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae and Lauryn Hill stations).

T H I N K I N G about how much I dislike my husband working a retail job. We hardly ever get a full day off together. Sad face.

S M E L L I N G the remnants of the random scramble J whipped up for breakfast where he just basically raided the fridge and put in a bunch of leftovers- which included chicken nuggets, eggs, spinach, and garlic knots. But I'm not even gonna lie- it was pretty good.

W I S H I N G there were more hours in a day to get things done!

H O P I N G this week's weather will be better! *knock on wood*

W E A R I N G  leggings a lot lately and slowly ditching jeans. I mean, leggings are just way more comfortable!

L O V I N G my "Body Shaping" fitness class I joined last week!

W A N T I N G  an hour (or several hours) long foot massage and scalp massage. I told J that if when he makes it and we have a lot of extra money, I'm just going to hire someone to come over whenever I want and give me foot rubs and scalp massages.

N E E D I N G (see above)

F E E L I N G like I have a million things to do and not enough time. But I just need to chill out. Things will work out the way they're supposed to. (Be good to me, universe.)


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  1. I love a good foot massage!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. I totally hear you on the leggings thing! I am starting to think jeans are SO overrated! So restricting haha!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Agree! Leggings are def more freeing. =)

  3. I'm with you on the leggings too! Actually, I'm way into skirts and loose leg pants the past few months, but I'd like some comfy leggings too. I'm ALL for comfort :)

    1. I wish I could wear skirts-- way too cold here right now! Hopefully it'll warm up soon, though!

  4. I so agree about the leggings. They are my go to choice now. I found some fleece-lined ones for $10, so that's pretty much what I wear on the weekends. Jeans are just too restrictive:) How did you like the Blogging for Dummies book? I'm thinking that may be helpful for me:) Hope you're having a great day!

    1. Oooo, I've been wanting to get fleece-lined ones! The book is pretty good. A lot of it I already knew, but there's also a lot I didn't (i.e. tips to make money with my blog). I just checked it out from the library.

  5. I've really been enjoying your blog! I just discovered it a few weeks ago. Wish I could travel and enjoy! Great music, btw.


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