August 05, 2013

Monthly Photo Journal: July 2013

Row 1: J & our housemate have a friend that lives out here, so we went to his house for a little cookout. This is me & my first time drinking from a mason jar at said cookout. // We made a roadtrip out to Maryland for 4th of July weekend to J's sister's house where we met up with the rest of the family. It was definitely the highlight of the month, hence why this MPJ is mostly photos of that trip. // This is the view from my sis-in-law's backyard. So pretty. // Kayaking in the lake.

Row 2: J being DJ for the afternoon. // Our beautiful niece & I. // We went to Annapolis with the fam & ate at Buddy's & had the best soup EVER. // Jumping in front of a Thurgood Marshall statue in Annapolis.

Row 3: So much food. You can't expect any less at a Filipino party- that's just how we do! // We watched fireworks over the lake. It was purrty. // Hanging out, playing games & music with the family. //  We also did a quick trip to DC with the fam.

Row 4: While in DC, there was some multi-cultural festival going on. This huge dog sculpture made from sticks was there. It was pretty cool. // I had gotten stung by a wasp & had a terrible day at work the next day, so J took me out for Mexican food & happy hour. // This is what I typically do at work when it's nap time. // J left me for a whole weekend, so before he left, he took me out on a sushi date (read about my weekend here).
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  1. I love these recap photo posts. It's fun putting them together to see what your whole month was made up of. It looks like a great one! That huge dog sculpture is quite impressive:)


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