August 27, 2013

Celebrating 730 Days of Marriage

Wow-- I just can't believe it-- J & I are celebrating our 2-year wedding anniversary today. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 1-year anniversary. Where does the time go?! Seriously...

Here comes the typical sentiments of an anniversary: J has been my best friend, support system, my rock for years now. He loves me so much and he makes sure to show me every. single. day. He treats me like a queen, even when I feel like I don't deserve it. I am definitely blessed to be married to such an incredible human being. These two past years of wedded bliss have been just that- bliss. I can't wait for the eternity to come.

In celebration of our anniversary, I wanted to share 16 highlights during Year 2 of our marriage:

one// moving to Borongan, Philippines. two// going to Boracay. three// J's garden project. four//starting Cali Girl Sweet Treats.

five// taming a few wild, jungle dogs. six//caving at Talubagnan. seven//Banaue&Sagada trip. eight// Kuala Lumpur.

nine//coming back to the States. ten//spending time with my fam. eleven//doing a treacherous 30-mile, 3-day hike. twelve//camping with friends. 

thirteen//Our Roadtrip Across America. fourteen//moving to Nashville. fifteen//hanging out with the fam for 4th of July. sixteen//being flooded out of our house.

Marriage is always a work in progress, whether it's been 50 years or 2. This year has had some really amazing times, but some pretty tough ones, too. But those tough ones help us grow closer. I love J with every millimeter of my being-- really though. Year 3 will be a good one-- so will the very many years to come.

Love you, J.
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  1. congratulations you two, big love to you!!

  2. This post is the sweetest! Congratulations! You're totally right that marriage is a work in progress. There are good days and there are bad days. It's something that I've found you have to keep fighting for. It's worth it:) Here's to many more wonderful years:)


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